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Digital Golden Principles

Digital Golden Principle 1


96% of online video consumption is on mobile, which means the vertical video format is highly contested. If you want your consumers, in this goldfish attention economy, to be engaged by your content, ensure that your assets are vertically showcased.

Digital Golden Principle 2

Attention grabbing in 3''

According to Facebook's latest stats, on average, people spend 1.7 seconds on a piece of mobile content vs. 2.5 seconds on desktop. The value of your video content is established within the first 3 seconds. So, instead of following a traditional story arc, bring the core message upfront and hook your audience from the get-go.

Digital Golden Principle 3

Work with and without sound

Having your content work with and without sound is essential. Before, it was necessary to design for sound off, and delight with sound on. But with video content formats like TikTok on the rise, it's all about ensuring your content is impactful in both environments.

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