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3.1 Tweet (text & images & videos)

A tweet is a post on X. The act of writing a tweet is called tweeting or twittering. Tweets can be up to 280 characters long, including spaces, and can include URLs and hashtags.

3.2 x promoted text

Get your message out to the world with a simple text ad. With all the elements of a standard Tweet, including likes, replies, favourites and Retweets, these native ads feel more like the rest of Twitter content and allow you to expand the reach of your Tweets beyond your followers to your desired target audience.

3.3 x promoted images & videos

Image and Video Ads allow you to showcase your brand, product, or service with a single photo. They’re easy to create and can support multiple objectives. They can be Retweeted, replied to, and liked, and they’re clearly marked as “Promoted”.

3.4 x promoted carousel (Images & videos)

Carousels give marketers up to 6 horizontally swipeable images or videos to showcase multiple products or promotions, advance a narrative across several visuals, and highlight the most exciting features of a product.

3.5 x poll

Polls are an easy way to interact with your audience, get creative, and understand people’s opinions. Follow these approaches to discover more about your audience while letting your brand voice shine. When the poll is over, all participants receive a push notification, which helps to bring them back to your content.

3.6 x conversation button (Images & Videos)

Conversation Buttons are standard features that can be added to Promoted Ads that include call to action buttons with customisable hashtags. Once clicked, the button creates a pre-populated Tweet that users can customise or Tweet out. Conversation Buttons have proven to be an effective way of engaging with customers, and driving them to share a brand’s message.